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Getting started

The website has two sides one for the suppliers and one for the customers.
The suppliers will agree to Dropshipping the required products to the customers address, with the agreed quantity and quality...
When we get the customer order, we will find the nearest supplier who carry the required products and have the highest approval rate.
We will email back the customer the tracking number and ask them to log back with their satisfaction degree. When the supplier has a good grade, we will use them more and more, when they are having the bad grade, we will guide them to be better, and we may not use them again. If the worms arrived dead we will send this information to the supplier and ask them to ship the worms again to the customer. If the customer is not satisfy, we will investigate the reason and try to fix it.

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During her reign, Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator of Egypt discovered the importance of worms needed in her land. She prevented the Egyptians under her rule from taking worms outside the borders of Egypt, enforcing severe penalties to those who disobeyed. Like Queen Cleopatra, we understand the widespread value worms have for farmers. Worms add great value to the soil and worm casting is called the black gold. Today, Cleopatra Worms helps supply earth worms all around the world.

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Our Quality and Quantity Guidance

You can easily find the guidance for the products that we offer and accept for mix of features and price for your requiements.

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